Wednesday, March 4

Pirates of Mars on Comixology!

And in COLOR.... weee

We'll be releasing 3 super packed 33 page issues via Comixology every month.  Then we release the graphic novel and are back with Volume 2!

It's strange to look back at the pages I did 6 years ago - and you have to suppress the urge to constantly fix things - so all that creative energy is going into new pages.  Onward and upward, right?

But even so I am incredibly blessed to get to work with JJ, who is supremely talented and whose characters are a joy to draw!

Look for lots more updates, character designs, sample pages, etc very soon :)

Here is a process shot from a later scene:

Monday, February 23

MST3K prints are in!


Just got in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 prints - limited edition run of 30 - they come in two sizes, 9"x12" and 11"x14"at $20 and $30 respectively.

Friday, January 23

Mystery Science Theater 3000 painting

It was such a pleasure to create this painting for Gallery 1988's "Is This Thing On?" Comedians Tribute show this February 20th.

8.5 x 11" | Acryla gouache on Arches watercolor paper | framed + signed | $600


I can't tell you enough how the photograph and the scan 
DO NOT DO the NEON of the paints justice at all!  

This piece just GLOWS in person (thank you Acryla)

I asked to do one of my all-time favorite shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000, since lately I'm rewatching lots of the episodes while simultaneously working on Pirates of Mars volume 2 comic pages.

So it seemed like a good time to capitalize on recent interests/work merging.

Fans of the show will notice that this is Mike's silhouette.  I think he's my favorite host, but that's like comparing Oreos and Fudge Stripe cookies, they are both wonderful.

I thought maybe it would be nice to do a recruitment poster for Gizmonic Institute and use this painting as the base.  Will have prints available soon!

Please enjoy some retro space art that I looked at for this piece, as well as the opening for MST3K seasons 5 (which is when Joel leaves and Mike takes over ep. #512 mitchell - what no I'm not a super fan at all)

It is also an homage to an old DC comics series called "Mystery in Space", and "Planet Comics" which both had super rad cover art.

I meant to change "Mystery IN Space" to "OF space" but honestly forgot, haha