Wednesday, November 26

%25 Off + Twin Peaks on Nuvango

hey friends,

You can get %25 everything in my Nuvango store from now until December 1st :)

Even though I am selling Twin Peaks prints myself, I've also decided to release the image through Nuvango {Gela Skins} for greeting cards, canvas prints, tech cases and skins!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23

Twin Peaks

A recently completed painting…

This is the first time in a while that I was able to fit in a painting completely for myself, just for fun, between my gallery schedule and making comics.

I had finally taken the time to sit down and watch all of the Twin Peaks 90s TV show.  SO HOOKED.  (I maintain that episodes 23-29 never happened and Audrey and Dale are in love forever)

I've done a bunch of David Lynch inspired paintings in the past, and his work tends to stay with me for a long time (whether the aftershock is good or bad).

Sometimes I'm worried about repeating myself but really, who cares, right - you just make the work.

This painting looks a bit different in person. You can see how the Acryla gouache glows so well!

Check out how Holbein Acryla Opera Pink gouache glows in this undoctored photo! >>

undoctored photo of the painting - check out that Black Lodge neon :)

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Twin Peaks opening

Dale Cooper, cherry pie, and the Log Lady

Wednesday, November 19

Yes, we're open

The studio is so busy this month, and really well into 2015!  Here are some projects I'm working on:

  1. Drawing issue 3 of Challenger and releasing the graphic novel with Kristopher Waddell + Mirror Comics
  2. Paintings for 3 galleries in California, 1 painting a month every month for the year.
  3. Making prints of my art for holiday shoppers
  4. New designs for Mowgli Surfwear
  5. Updating my woefully out of date portfolio site
  6. PIRATES OF MARS VOLUME 2!!! < My personal fav! 

I also wrapped up lots of artwork for Helmutt at the Worcester Art Museum for the last time - I've decided to leave the institution (with a very heavy heart) and I'll be curious to see if someone else will draw the character in my place.

One month left of fall, then into New England winter!

But that's ok, we have lots of coffee and cider and projects to do...

Tuesday, November 18

Close ups of Agatha painting

Agatha got a lot of warm orange and gold undertones in her skin.

I was going to cover her in flour - kind of regretting that I didn't do that.  Maybe I'll try it digitally to see how it looks.

 an attempt to illustrate a huge hotel with tiny tiny fine tip pens

I used some shimmery gold paint for a faux embossed look.

The photo captures the neon paint better than scanning.

Here's the full image again …

This original painting is sold - but I will be making prints of it in time for the holidays!
(9x12" for $20 ea)