April 3, 2018

Somedays you can fake like it's 1986

In college I became a HUUUGE fan of the animators The Brothers Quay, and fought hard to track down all recordings of their films.

Silly me, I had no idea they contributed to Peter Gabriel's SLEDGEHAMMER (which is a song I freaking love anyway) along with Wallace & Gromit animator Nick Aardman.

I just love the photography in this, the depth of the tones in the film, the gritty nature of it (picturing tails of film reeling through the production rooms) - it's just something that digital can never capture.

How fortunate we are to have access to so many articles like this, preserved in the kind of pop culture archives that is the internet.

I still love to dig up and rummage through these incredibly labor intensive music videos, they provide so much inspiration!

March 1, 2018

BLACKWOOD is coming this May!

Hi friends,

Super excited to talk about the newest project I'm working on, BLACKWOOD written by the inimitable Evan Dorkin and assisting me on art duties is my lovely husband Andy, published by Dark Horse Comics.

The code to preoder the book is: MAR180038

Here is the cover to issue 1, a sample page, and a beautiful variant by Becky Cloonan (below)

Many thanks to Diamond for picking it as a Gem of the Month, and to everyone for putting up with my promo spam.

The back cover.  Each issue will have a main different character silhouette with hints at their backstory.

Hope you like it!

February 22, 2018

Lumberjanes 50th issue variant cover

Had so much fun doing this cover for Boom! Studios last month.  I think it's out on stands now.  Click on the image for a closer view.

I was really inspired by this Camp Fire Girls manifesto (printed in the 1920s I think)

I think I'll find a real copy of this and frame it for my home.  A good manifesto for everybody.