March 26, 2008

Loving/Hating Japan

March 14 - 24 was a real rollercoaster.

Tomoko and I spent the day baking cheesecake (which turned out to be not so good), curry (which turned out to be really good), and switching between Family Ties and two Indian spider monkies in love.
Right after the Boston Comic Con, Andy and I got a call from our friends at El Planeta that they really needed someone to man their extra Boston Phoenix table at Anime Boston. It was really fun, we took lots of pictures of crazy cosplay people, took in the 4 halls of madness, raced back to Worcester to teach a night class, then off for Zombies and crab rangoon with Alison.

The day after, Andy and I hung out with Al & Tomoko, a few drinks, really spicey cheese, and a whole slew of movies. Tomoko had us watch Battle Royale, and I have to say, it was really awesome. Reccognized a few faces from other projects, Go-Go Yubari, the Death Note kid - etc. Easter, she and I headed out to Wrentham, and in the process almost witnessed a beaver hit-and-run. That night, dominated by Adult Swim, we got to finally expose Al to the wonder that is Garth Marenghi.

Monday night Andy, myself, and Al ate some gummy Turkish Delights and watched Roger Corman's Fantastic Four and some Super Friends episodes. It's been a long time since I'd laughed myself into a stomache ache. It was lovely.

At 2:45am, they came back over to say goodbye, and just as quickly they were off for Nagoya.

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