March 4, 2008

No Sleep 'till Tatman

This Sunday I made the drive into Derby, CT to see my grandfather. It wasn't all sugar-gum drops, but it was worth it to see him smile at one of my jokes. Monday I went into NYC to hang with Audra and Misha. It was lovely:

Audra showed me Amsterdam Ave on the UpperWest, a neighborhood of the city I'd never really explored before. The avenues are wide, the Pink Berry is expensive but delicious, and the homeless guys singing in the subway stations enjoy a round of Marsalis at the Javits Center.
In exchange, I took her from Canal Street to St. Marks, since it's a crime that she'd never been below Madison Square Park. We were attacked by a giant crab and some durian fruit - but managed to escape.

Saw my bff Mish at Union Square - Max Brenner pumped us full of melted hazelnut and swiss chocolate. We looked at about 600 pairs of obnoxious sneakers, went to Kinokuniya and made general mischief. Thanks for the spoon!

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