July 12, 2008

Yokka + Hana-bi

Yuriko, Aiko, me + Andy had a really fab time going all over Boston from Brookline to Newton fair + fireworks to the Fenway to Showa. Yuriko bought an amazing light-up squishy ball on a stick and Aiko bought a candy-colored lightsaber.

The fireworks were amazing; they rattled my heart when they exploded and air smelled like smoke and fried-dough.

At about midnight, a car full of people pointed out to us at a red light - that there were "mad penises" in the contemporary art museum next to us. Sure enough, we looked across the street through the giant windows to see an entire floor covered in suggestive sculptures.

They asked us if it was art. I didn't know how to respond - we were laughing too hard.

We watched the Boston fireworks from the dewy grass on the hill at Showa. It was magical.

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