July 6, 2008

Yotsuba Jellyfish

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here at Studio Hebs+Fish. Comics, workshops, website updating, POP gallery curating - it's downright insane. Working on a new series of paintings; more photos of that progress in a little bit.

Hanging out with Aiko + Yuriko is like getting a day pass to Candy Land, but if Candy Land was in Shibuya. We took a really great trip to the New England Aquarium on Boston's Long Wharf. It was a really lovely day, SharkMan was out accosting people for photos, and in the distance, big band music was playing.
My favorite photo of the trip:

The jelly fish were fascinating; so many varieties, all wobbling and slinking around in large tanks - some even had blinking lights! The girls would sigh excitedly in unison "Oooooouuuu!"
It warmed my heart.

Penguins, sharks, puffer fish, even a little hermit crab petting tank - it was all there. Unfortunately, when I picked up a hermit crab for Aiko to pet, it immediately shrunk back into it's shell, refusing to be adorable. Blast you, hermitcrab!

We thought the turtle was dead, but turned out it was just sleeping.

After roaming the kitschy giftshop, we headed out to Faneuil Hall for seafood and strawberry pineapple dessert. The grass was soft and cool at the park across the street, and we watched children playing in the fountain.

They watched for each new blast of water with rapt attention:

We walked across the bridge towards the ICA and checked out the Summer Solstice Festival. There was an Inca waterdragon being pulled by motorboat, butterfly-man, Sir Edward Norton's Brass band (complete with a psycho woman dancing) and real-people-moving-slowly statues. The steel drum band played Bob Marley and little kids put on weird pirate-themed plays. A woman hung from a circle a story off the ground and did bizarre vaguely-Cirque du Soleil-esque arm movements. It was really fun.

The best part was getting lost... AGAIN on the way back to Brookline. Aiko said we were like Indiana Jones. I appologize to the people I cut off in that rotary.

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