August 22, 2008

Road Trip | 2

We drove 11 hours the first day, getting to Westlake, OH late at night, staying in a super cool Extended-Stay America [which rooms come complete with a little kitchen like a studio apartment]. After driving 6 hours the next day we got to Burr Ridge, IL - right outside Chicago. Finally got to eat authentic Chicago style pizza. Definitely different from New York's Original Ray's which I'm used to.
We hit Chicago in the late afternoon, hitting terrible traffic, no parking, and of course, an Air Show from the harbor. That meant every 15 seconds, a giant explosion errupted from the beach and sound exploded over head, fighter jets ripping through the air continuously for 4 hours. I still haven't really seen Chicago yet, but I have to say, I'm not excited to go back.
We did hit Rotofugi, which was great - designer vinyl toys and Japanese artwork are a passion of mine, so it was nice to feed the fix.My family was leaving Des Moines at the same time we were, which meant we'd cross paths half way out. We ate lunch together in the middle of nowhere. Thank god we didn't hit the "12th Annual Rug Hooking Event" rush.

We liked getting into trucker's culture - the sort of nebulous, purgatory that trucker's exist in - staying briefly from place to place, being hermetically sealed in a tiny cab for many hours at a time, being alone with thoughts...
We picked up a - no lie - 7 HOUR audio book of DC Comic's Infinite Crisis series put on to - no lie again - 6 CDs. It was hilariously bizarre.

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