August 23, 2008

Road Trip | 3

We had a really awesome breakfast at the Moonlight Diner outside Chicago, eating super healthy wheat pancakes [which were also so dry it absorbed the syrup like a sponge] and not-so-healthy but delicious apple sausage.

Our waitresses' accent and the way she insisted we add more meat to our breakfast reminded me of that classic SNL sketch with Chris Farley.... "daaaaah Bears"We hit up IOWA 80 - the World's Biggest Truck Stop - where we checked out - not kidding here,- the National Trucker Museum & Hall of Fame. We felt a certain obligation since we passed on the RV Hall of Fame...

It fascinated me how truckers could completely trick out their rigs - custom grills, steering wheels, lights, blah blah blah.... But not unlike my sister's crazy glittery cell phone.

* * * *

On my roadmap, there was actually a spot dedicated to the "Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk." WE HAD TO SEE THIS. Apparently Riverside, IA has an annual Trek Fest to which most of the original show stars come. It was both hilariously ridiculous, and heartwarming to think of all the bizarre stuff unique to American roadtrips.

We made really excellent time getting to Des Moines; mostly due to the perfect weather and straight, flat highways.

I really like the mid-West. The people are friendly to a fault - holding doors almost strenuously, the fresh produce, the vast waves of grass, and the sky! The sky makes you feel so small; just going on forever up and up and up.

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