August 24, 2008

Road Trip | 4

We headed out early the next day to see the Iowa State Fair - it was huge!! It was also the last day, so we took advantage of the half price admission.
I had never been to the fair before, despite being in Des Moines a few times in the past; and I'm really glad we caught it.I don't know what these are but the stand had an awesome design.

Why YES! That IS 3-time Olympic medalist US Women's Gymnastic Team favorite SHAWN JOHNSON. AND YES - she IS made out of butter!

The Butter Cow ... uh, same artist as above....

"Yes, my wife works primarily in oils, but I use mostly butter."

Most of the people presenting the animals; cattle, sheep, mules, horses and dogs; were all young kids! Mostly fair-haired Mid-Western kids with lanky features and freckled faces, they commanded these animals really well.

It made me think of what growing up on a farm is like; and how for someone who likes citylife, like myself, would think of it as really picturesque and romantic.

We caught a great dog competition in the MidWay;

I liked the smile on this one's face.

I like how genuine the Iowa Fair is - people here spend upwards of $30,000 buying prize steers and what not. I've never liked fairs here in New England because they usually turn into a giant Harley Davidson-fest where people buy really bad fake Native American artwork. But here, people live with these animals and huge machines - they use them every day, it's apart of their fabric.

I had a FRIED OREO for the first time.... IT WAS AMAZING

I tried to make Andy go up on this with me, but he wasn't about it.

Blue monkey spas?

Buttons got a little lost, so he pulled over to check his fair grounds' map.

I'm not sure how he gets in or out of this thing.

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