August 26, 2008

Road Trip | 6

My grandparents showed me the garden they keep on the Park grounds - it was really beautiful. Got schooled in sunflowers and hibiscus... um hibiscuses? hibisci?
Felt ready to go on a gameshow with all the new botanical knowledge in my head.
The greatest idea EVER.
The owner was really nice, and reccomended a Strawberry Breve. It was the sugar-ee-est coffee I'd ever had, and I decided the smartest accompaniment was an equally sweet Fruity Peeble Krispee Treat.
It made my brain explode. It was delicious.

A really cool sign in downtown Des Moines.

Had a veggie burger with guacamole and a side of wasabi potato salad at the Star Bar with everybody. I'd like to find out how to make it.....

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