September 19, 2008

Kaiju Big Battel Studios

Took a visit to the Kaiju Big Battel Studios yesterday and got to check out where the magic is made. I first heard about Kaiju Big Battel my freshman year at SVA, getting all excited at the Dr. Cube stickers on walk signals and the Battel marquee at Webster Hall.

When they said they'd happily be a part of POP Euphoria; naturally I played it professional-cool by saying "Oh, how splendid!" but on the inside I was 18 again, doing a little happy dance at the prospect of visiting their secret Somerville Secret Fortress.

Appropriately enough, they are located close to Porter Exchange, the part of Boston where I get my udon & Japanese magazine fix. A big thanks to Andy Bell and founder Randy for being so hospitable and accomodating!

relieved I got the bike - because my car COMPLETELY crapped out! Kaput! Done! Died!

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