September 11, 2008

New Art + New Obsession

Every so often I get into this obsessive mode. I find something I kind of have an interest in, and then maybe 2 months later I'm spending 3 hours clicking through 2,348 webpages researching, looking at pictures, reading buyer's comments and generally freaking out with wanton.

It just randomly kicks in, like my Mazda's acceleration.

Current obsession:

XB-490 ElectroBike I must have it!

In art-related news ...

Working on pages for Kris W and having a fun time of it! When the first set is completed, we'll be showing some preview pages. I know you're all excited, all the billions of people who read this blog! So please! JUST CALM DOWN! Eventually everyone will get to see!

feeling very happy today, after a great bowl of tom kha gai in the park with Andy!

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