September 16, 2008

New Comic Pages + Updates

Some new pages from the upcoming Pirates of Mars collab JJ. Kahrs and I recently finished. JJ's writing was so much fun; and the steam-punk aspect was so exciting to delve into.

If you're going to SPX 08 this fall - pick one up and say hi to JJ! Y Shake his hand and tell him he looks pretty today.

Y cher Y cher Y
エコバッグ [eco bag]

It came today! I got the Autumn/Winter 08-09 Catalogue from Kinokuniya today. [No, not Cher like Sonny & ... Cher is a Japanese clothing company and only the too-cool-for-school kids get their hands on their eco bags. ]

b I got a bike! Woo! It's a super rad, all white 80's Murray with bright green handles. O Green World!

feeling pretty good! Saw a movie with Audra and bought these rain boots at Savers

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  1. WOW!! You got a lot of kickass stuff ;). Cher & rain boots! I still need to buy myself some. I Just haven't found that "perfect pair" yet. And by perfect I mean cute enough at cheap enough price, haha!