September 15, 2008

New Paintings + Wall Art

Some new portraits. Acrylic on wood.
Boston doesn't get enough credit as being a city with amazing grafitti art. NYC, LA, and even Oaxaca come to mind as big-time tag cities, but one of my favorite things to do on a walk through Baahstan is check out what new stuff has appeared in this alley:

People like Faile, Judith, the Kaiju Big-Battel Street team and UFO all swing by once in a while - there is even a SUPER old-school OBEY Andre the Giant post that Shepard Fairey made back in 1991.

It makes me kind of happy though that it's enough of a hidden gem that people like the Splasher haven't gotten around to defacing it.

feeling like I'm dragging my heels today...

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