September 18, 2008

Penguin T-Shirts for Start on the Street

In 20o6 I did a penguin design for the MassArt Sale; a bi-annual showcase that sells artwork, textiles, sculpture and all kinds of lovely things from MassArt students. My "Penguin-Who-Wishes-He-Could-Fly"; or more succinctly; "Herbert", sold out pretty fast.

Flash forward 2008...
Masterman Print Co. asked Andy and I to send them some designs for their Start On the Street table this weekend; so Herbert will be back in production!

5-color separation silkscreen 2 versions

feeling crazy excited! Heading out to Kaiju Big Battel Studio!


  1. AWE CONGRATS!!! That design is truly worthy of being put back into print!

  2. Thanks, lady!

    I'll have to make you one to say thanks for all the months of free magazines you scanned :)