November 14, 2008

20 Artists Opening + Comic Art

Here is a sample of some pages I recently worked on for a great young adult graphic novel by Chandler Craig. SCOUT is a sass-mouth, Philly girl who just happens to be a shape-shifter. It was lots of fun to work on.
* * * *
Went to the 20 Artists Book Release party tonight; Andy and I were happy to be #5 + 6 in the book with shots of our studio and silly grins.
It was pretty packed - Scott + Donna did a great job of promoting the event; and books sold out within the first hour. It was awesome to hang with Zoback, Derek Ring, Alison, Haruo, Tom + a giant paper crane
★ Props to Andy on his fab write-up in WoMag about his stellar graphic novel Fly! ★
His comic is a re-imagining of a dream I had. I told him about this dream where I could fly, but couldn't control it - I just floated up and up and up into the stratosphere ... and died!
Read his book - it's much funnier than my dream

Lego Batman is so much fun! I wish I had time for video games ...


  1. my uncle told me that a lot of those lego games are really fun, which is weird because i never though it would be :D

    yeah when i first signed up for sitemeter, for the first few days all i got was zeros. but now it shot up to 28 page views :D it's cool because you can find out from where people are looking at your site. i had people from Germany, Chile, Portugal, Malaysia and the Philippines checkin out my blog. i though it was pretty cool

    i wish i could decorate that tree, but my grandma doesn't like me enough as it is, better not bring about her wrath D:

    congrats on the book~it looks like it is 200x more fun to be an illustrator than it is to be a graphic designer.

  2. Great turn out!! So awesome.

    I played Lego Star Wars!! GREAT game play. I know what you mean about time b/c I didn't pick-up the Batman one because I didn't have time to play when it first came out :(.

  3. I highly recommend sitemeter as well. I love checking out my stats and looking at the search terms that lead people to me etc...

    And happy to see the book opening was a smash, I hit up the Girl Talk Show at Showcase Live @ Gillette Stadium on Friday night and didn't have a chance to swing by.

  4. that girl looks so badass. The drawings are great! Did you fully do those? And I think i would nickname my daughter scout if i had one

  5. aw man are you telling be. 6x6 is something i don't take advantage of anymore. heh 6 people in a house and i have my own room, now it's not so small -u-;