November 7, 2008

Book Signing + Etc.

Andy + I are featured in the 20 Artists book coming out this November 14th. They have some photos of our studio and a great deal of text about our process and working relationship. I have yet to read it, but supposedly it's very nicely written and I didn't say anything stupid as I am prone to do during interviews. Hope to see you at the opening!

20 Artists Gallery opening + Book signing
opening Friday November 14th 5 - 8pm

44 Portland St. 3rd Floor @ Davis Art Gallery, Worc MA
runs Nov 14 - Jan 23

Thanks to Worcester Magazine for calling my painting "haunting" and saying it "delimits portraiture". [wow]

I like Obama's charisma and intelligence, but I'm not sure how anyone could turn this country's financial problems around in 4 years. The unbalance in the House + Senate worry me, too.

But, it is exciting to witness and be a part of an important milestone, and I think he'll be great for how the world sees America.

I just can't get going today

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  1. I agree about no champagne for obama :) i'm not mad like some about him being elected but there are some things he stands for that i don't therefore i am somewhat worried about how he will handle certain situations.

    but man he better not take ben & jerry away , that will be the end of the world for me ;A; jk