November 26, 2008

Heating up in 12 deg. weather

The show gets closer everyday! So exciting!

A preview :

clockwise: Lindsay Small, Manifest Destitute, Alexei Vella, Damien Weighill

You don't want to miss it!
Working on pages for the upcoming Detour Anthology as well as beginning new pages of Batman:1939; images coming soon.
4Thanks to Jeff Haynes of Boston Artists for interviewing me and making my work out to be much more interesting than it is in reality.

Misha's visit was lots of fun; we revelled in our Sailor Moon nerdom, ate lots of amazing Indian food, hung out in Boston with friends despite the bitter cold, snuck into see Alexa in Bye Bye Birdie, and bought lots of silly things in Chinatown.

Codeword: Blue Box!★


  1. i always wanted to be sailor saturn :3

    good luck on the show!

  2. sailormoon is my hero.XDDD

    are those yours?????wow, they look really cool!!

  3. We completely geeked out watching Stars haha. I suddenly realized I wanted all my old toys back!

  4. Haha... oh man, Sailor Moon is what got me into webdesign.

    Oh yeah... tried subscribing to your RSS feed and it won't work. =\