November 20, 2008

Minogame Progress 2 + other news

more progress on Minogame 18 x 24 Oil on wood

ZOMG validated: Veronica on Wikipedia
[I shouldn't be that excited; even Tama the Station Cat has a Wiki page; but it really made my night. ]

In other news...

Misha comes tomorrow! It's going to be a crazy day; I'm going to the gallery early tomorrow for more inventory and POP Euphoria work; then heading to South Station to meet Brian and pick up IceCream People art; then Misha arrives! We'll meet up with Pete and probably chill around Beantown before coming back for Heather's Pirate-Ninja-Going-Away-Party!

I heard my 5 year High school reunion is tomorrow - I found out from Corey today by accident at the market. He said it was arranged completely via Facebook; which I ... uh don't have an account with. Ah well.

feeling stoked and stressed


  1. congrats on the wiki page, it's waay better than an encyclopedia dramitica page :D have fun with your friend!

    i don't like lena's videos, her music i don't mind too much, i can listen to it when i need to concentrate. now leah dizon is an entirely different thing...

  2. You on Wikipedia ? like Leonardo Da Vinci or Picasso ? It's the beginning of glory ! (forget Tama the station cat... ;))

  3. you went to sva right? did you dorm? i go there for graphic design and go to jas mart for the oni giri. tuna is sooo good.