November 18, 2008

Minogame Progress

Working on the sister painting to the Pink War Horse -

Minogame progress oil + graphite on wood 18 x 24

Had a lovely time at the MFA today while waiting to speak to the MassArt Illustration class. And lo-and behold, there is a minogame sculpture in the samurai wing. The lemon custard with a little ginger cake is top notch - I reccomend it.

In other news...
Very very very busy lately : went to my grandfather's 80th birthday party, am in the middle of totally re-designing the UCF site, working on finishing 2 paintings for POP, designing the show catalog, getting a comic package ready for Top Shelf + Fantagraphics, AND cleaning the house like MAD for Misha's stay!

Went out for Kobe burgers + beer with Andy, Derek, Alison + Jamie!
I need no instructions to know how to ROCK


  1. I read "UFC" rather than "UCF" and got really confused. -_-; i like the painting, how is it painting on wood? so far i've only painted on canvas and cardboard.

  2. The colors in your painting are really nice!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog~

    And wow... 80! That's wonderful. :D