November 12, 2008

Painting Progress + Happy Blog Anniversary

YES WE DID! 1 Year of this Blog

Wow - all that intensive underground viral marketing really paid off - I have 3 readers! Research + Development here at Veronica's Blog estimate this time next year I may have as many as 6! That's a readership increase of 150% !!

I kid, of course. Thanks for reading!
Current paintingSoon to be finished and on view December 6 for POP Euphoria!
It's sister painting is in the works as well; photos soon.
In other news...
Already gotten some Xmas shopping done; which feels really bizarre.
Can we cool it with the early Christmas stuff? It's like November 5th and I'm seeing giant plastic trees and glitter e v e r y w h e r e - and this is just in the Sears Auto Center.

feeling neurotic lately. Can't find my copy of Kiki's Delivery Service anywhere...


  1. 3 people? i highly doubt it, i know before blogspot did that whole "follow me" thing i just bookmarked blogs. maybe you should get a site meter to track how many people come into you blog.

  2. I'm going to look into it! :)

  3. You have at least 4 readers... ;) (+30% !)

  4. quel suprise! haha :)