November 30, 2008

Pink Doe Zorro

Finished the first of two sister paintings for POP Euphoria yesterday! Adding such a geometric element as the sword to the piece made me nervous, since the oil was so wet and I'm out of Japan Dryer and Walnut Oil... [ Xmas hint to Faith... ]

Here it is at about 90% completion:

The RSS feed for this blog has been fixed! Huzzah! So subscribing is now a snap, as opposed to the hop, skip, jump and tripping it was before.

been staring at a computer moniter too long


  1. yeah, i was wondering why ALL of your posts were in my recent news feed ^^; the painting looks like it is going really well! i like your style :D

  2. great style and technique. I'm excited for the show!

  3. This is beautiful. I like that your Flickr sampler matches the color palette in your work.

  4. oh my god thats beautiful. technique is great !!

  5. ooo its so beautiful! i love it!