November 9, 2008

POP! Poster!

Finished the retouches for the Pop! poster tonight; many many thanks to Curry Printing for their generosity in getting these copied.
Feeling really good about the design - I have a habit of getting overzealous with lots of competeing elements; so it benefitted from some editing.
In other news ...
One thing I miss about Audra being away is playing SNES with her - it was such a stress reliever! Or a stress-giver when the games would get mysteriously erased...
Misha is coming in just a few short weeks! Time to clean the apartment like mad.
I bought the Sailor Stars DVD set today. Weee!! I had to, it's been calling me for years

I could really go for some Secret of Mana!


  1. you mean sailor stars as in the sailor moon series? sooo cool! i have one of teh movies, i think it's sailor moon s or whatever, the one where luna turns human :3

  2. Yes! Even if it's repetative and froofy and all that stuff; I must know how the series ends, haha.

  3. you made that poster!? incredible! ahhhh pop euphoria...that seriously sounds like an amazing event to go to.
    props on the helmet :)