December 16, 2008

On the Easel

Working on a portrait of Shadow

It's actually hard to look at my workspace; he's staring at me with such sad eyes!
Currently working on the photo gallery to POP Euphoria.
Thanks to Kelly + Erik N. for their amazing photography. Links coming soon.

Went to the WAM Christmas party tonight with Andy after we taught a workshop out in Middleboro.
I think I prefer slowly eating many tiny cheesecake bites over a giant slice in one sitting at a restaurant.

it is colder than no hug from your grandma


  1. aw such a cute doggie. is it a dog you own now or from the past? i try drawing/painting my cat but for some strange reason it is really hard to capture a cat head just right. D:

  2. This is a dog I was commissioned to paint; unfortunately his dog passed away :( So he asked me to paint her to preserve her memory :)

  3. wow~ thats beautiful!!

  4. Wow, that's an awesome portrait of your dog!

    Yum. I love cheesecake too. I never used to like it but now it's become one of my favourite deserts. :)