December 4, 2008

POP Euphoria! THIS Saturday!

It's happening! After more than 13 months of preparation, POP Euphoria opens in just 2 days.

POP Euphoria!
International Art Exhibtion
opening reception: Saturday, Dec 6th 6 - 9pm
@ The Aurora Gallery
660 Main St.
Worcester, MA 01610

Thanks to Neil F @ , Scott Z @ WoMag , Erin D @ Blank Canvas , Nancy S @ the Telegram & Gazette , and all the other press men + women who photographed and wrote about the show this week.

For all those helping to promote this event - I can't thank you enough!



  1. gooood luck! isn't it so exciting to have a gallery show :D man i wish i could be part of one again!

  2. You got some decent PR, even the article in the T&G was pretty well done.

    If I am feeling well tomorrow I will be standing around some soon to be house in CT, wishing I was at the opening.

    Much success tomorrow! If I am feeling under the weather and don't go to Extreme Home Makeover I will be there.

    Otherwise I will bop in to the gallery at my earliest convenience!