December 7, 2008

Thank You

To everybody who came to POP Euphoria! last night, to all the friends, patrons, art lovers, and cool cats

Thanks for braving the cold, burst watermain down the street, traffic, the Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, and Dr. Cube.

+ thank you to whoever listed it on Juxtapoz!

The opening was fab - Peelander Z came, Dr. Cube made an appearance (which cause some Small fainting) Brian Butler brought his amazing lucha shoes, MassArt kids turned the place out, Manifest Destitute sold out in half an hour, and Andy - as always - was a pillar of sanity in all the crazy.

Stoked! Ready to hit the client list hard... right after lunch with Noelle + Andy!


  1. cool shoes, and congrats on the opening!

    yeah, SVA changed a lot of things. the pearl store isn't next door to the main building anymore, they changed it to the CAVA store for computers and stuff (it was in the building with the school library just the year before), and instead of pearl paint there is Davinci art supply stores everywhere for the SVA students.

  2. Anonymous10.12.08

    Gasp! The secret of my massive Cube crush is out to the masses!