December 10, 2008

Wood Sprites

Full color version
11x14 prints $45 cotton rag paper 25 available
printed on request

Black & white version for Mark Reusch's art book.

Printed this winter, released spring 2009

In other news ...

After working on the above illustration all day, I received a fantastic mystery package.
on box: "your friend loves you!"
Misha sent me Sailor Moon swag! I basically had a Pink Sugar Heart Attack from the cuteness, and immediately had to fan myself with the sticker set tucked in the package. It really cheered me up!
Y Andy and I had a great lunch at the Gold Star Diner today. We laughed over sandwiches and coconut pie, keeping away the dismal rain outside the windows. Happy news: Andy will be exhibiting some of his graphic novel pages at MoCCA in the near future!

is happy for friends + coconut pie


  1. omg the locket! i remember finding that in the store one day and when i came back to buy it, it was gone ;____; love the painting, i'd buy it (if i weren't so broke!)

  2. Anonymous11.12.08

    The painting is wow... absolutely stunning!!! You have such amazing talent really.

    And yaaay for surprises from friends!! :D That looks like a really cute package of stuff. I miss the old Sailor Moon days hehe.

  3. Anonymous12.12.08

    Woohoo! Sailor Moon! ALL THE WAY!!

    Neat painting. =]

  4. Anonymous22.12.08

    oh my what darling drawings those are.