February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th & Balumtime's Day

Happy Balumtimes Day

Ahh love ...


Progress on Aura painting

Working on lots of projects lately; a 22 page comic, the Flash Gordon series, portraits, a tattoo design and hopefully some new paintings for the Illustration competition season. All of which need to be done before my trip to Houston, TX this March. Phew ...

In other news ...

Andy and I are working our way through all of The Office seasons thanks to Netflix. Unfortunately, we're also watching the newest episodes so... uh, it kinda spoils... everything. But we like watching whole seasons of TV shows on DVD: no commercials or waiting weeks at a time for the next chapter.

Happy One Year Anniversary....

to me & my laptop! YAY!

Oh Sony VAIO, you have been there for me no matter what ... you are all white and sleek and make my friends think you are a MacBook.

Going away for Valentine's! So working on pages aaaallll day today


  1. I love Dwight Schrute!!!

  2. the top image is too cute!

    can't wait to see the finished product! :D

  3. hehe don't worry, i almost panicked when that happened with my first layout.

    in the layout you have set up, look for the [blogger] [/blogger] (they have "<>" though) tags. now take this code, and paste it in between the [blogger] [/blogger] tags

    [div class="text"]
    [div class="header1"][BlogDateHeader][$BlogDateHeaderDate$][/BlogDateHeader][/div]
    [a href="[$BlogItemCommentCreate$]"[$BlogItemCommentFormOnClick$]]

    [$BlogItemCommentCount$] whatever you want your comment to say[/a]


    just change all the "[]" to "<>"

    sorry for littering your comment box, let me know if it works, that's what i do to my layouts and they work just fine!

  4. @ Alison - I know!! He's my favorite

    @Leanne - thanks!

    @ Thrilla - You're amazing! Thanks lady!

  5. I love shotgunning a TV show like that! We still go through watching entire Office seasons during the summers~

  6. I love how the Princess Aura sketch is turning out ... how long did it take to do the base sketch?

  7. The decor in your house is so cute; it's almost too much to handle! I wish I had the time and money to implement a cohesive theme in my apartment, hehe.