February 26, 2009

Sketches + Photobooks

A couple of sketches for a recent client in Mexico
Arabic for "Silence is Golden"

I'm trying to get all my projects finished by March 14th - which is tight, but I enjoy being very busy. Gearing up for my trip to Houston is turning into a good motivator in terms of clearing my work load.
The Modus Lotus web store is launching next week! Lots of amazing original artwork + prints will be available for purchase. Some of the pieces were featured in our first exhibition Pop Euphoria this winter, as well as some new works by our friend Manifest Desitute. So please, don't get cheap repros from a department store - adopt some real art! More on that soon!

Oh the pink ... it burns the eyes

I love photobooks of apartments ... I don't know why; but I get a kick out of small-space design aesthetic.
I was a little disappointed that the 2009 "CUTiE Area" book was so similar to the others, but it's fun to look through nonetheless.

I've lived in the North East my whole life; it's been either Massachusetts or New York, and I can safely say despite my steadfast love of sledding; I want this winter to be OVER. Gah.


  1. i love CUTiE but they're room books are always the same :( i love the arabic, I can write my name in arabic :D

    and can't wait to see the store, hopefully if I can get my hands on any $$$ I'll try to by something!

  2. That's amazing ... it's so beautiful. :( Stop making me jealous, haha.

    I'd like to do the small area decor but it's hard having a man in the house, LOL. I don't think he'd agree with all the pink...

  3. I look on this site for bedroom inspiration. Yay livejournal!


    I'm still too much of a puff to post, though!

  4. Ooh, I know what you mean about the "small space design aesthetic". I kind of want to live in a small apartment just to see how compact-yet-functional I can get all my stuff to be!