March 19, 2009

Ahoy & Away & Zanzo Moxie #6

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Hey kids -
Had a fun Sunday with Yuka in Harvard Square last week. She brought me presents from her trip home to Tokyo (how nice!) I was kind of embarassed at how terribly filthy Camebridge was. It was the first warm day in a long, long time, so all the snow melted revealing piles of soggy garbage ... eww.

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Bamcat made me this awesome skull!


  1. Anonymous19.3.09

    Oh man Watchmen... ::floaty hearts::

  2. omg! that was so funny and cute! I like your version of Jon WAY better. His blue bum is on the couch. tee hee! (I hope there's a towel under there).

  3. "I hope there's a towel under there." haha. Oh no.

    Come home soon! We miss you!

  4. rofl..

    & cool! gifts from Tokyo are the best :) but boo~ soggy garbage sounds pretty gross.

  5. is that you in that picture ?? if so, aww so adorable!

    and i'm loving that little pink skullie :)

  6. awww cute skull there, pink!

  7. I didn't know Cambridge was filthy. Then again, I've never been there. I guess it's like the east coast version of Berkeley?

  8. Hey Ni ni, no that's not me, that's Yuka!