March 14, 2009

Sketches of Dead Things

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Some sketches from a trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Had an awesome time with Andy last night watching this awful Ahh-nold movie "Commando" with Alyssa Milano playing his kidnapped-for-no-real-reason daughter. Highly reccomended.


  1. great sketches!!! drawing dead animals....isn't that what serial killers do;)

  2. Anonymous14.3.09

    nice sketches :) i love the "rawr" coming from the.. leopard? i think. & lol aren't arnold's movies just great ;p growing up, my dad was seriously IN LOVE with him so I've seen just about every single movie he's ever made... my poor brain.

  3. Haha, thanks

    I'm glad Rikuka turned out normal despite seeing those terrible movies ... me on the other hand.. serial killer tendancies

  4. ...

    that is really weird.


    i have to go to the new york museum of natural history on tuesday D: except i have to sketch dino bones. i probably won't though, i'll probably take pictures and then go sketch things that are more interesting ;D

  5. Anonymous15.3.09

    There are bad movies, there are good movies and there is... Commando ! Hollywood forgot how to do guilty pleasures like this... ;)

  6. Oh MAN Rachelle - my favorite thing in the NYMofNH is the GIANT glowing squid in the far corner of the bottom level .... creeeepy!