April 17, 2009

Casa Ramirez + sketches

Sketches from the plane ride

The space kid and the caballero are sketches for upcoming paintings


Casa Ramirez

The nicest people in the world. They offer classes in culture, language, folk art, history, Dia de los Muertos, and will even tell you when the latest lucha match is. I noticed in the Japanese fashion magazines I read, that there are number of lucha-motifs goin' on - on backpacks, keychains, necklaces and socks. Woohoo!
Andy and I have always loved South American art + culture. The PreColombian wing of the museum we work at has an excellent Mayan collection. [And it reminds me of Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand haha]

I got lots of Day of the Dead souvenirs : a beautiful armadillo tin painting, skeleton card, Lotteria cards, a handmade flower, lucha toys, a string of vinyl flags, and a sugar skull mold!

Choosing this vinyl was hard -
they had lots of amazing prints

>> Not pictured is a really cool luchadores toy that involved a plastic ring with rubber bands around the edges and tiny wrestlers you could fight with. No toxico, of course


  1. Nice sketches =) and I like that print! nice bright colors everywhere.

  2. all the colors look really pretty!

    your sketches on the air plane are amazing. i bet the people next to you were super amazed!

  3. love the sketches , theyre amazing !
    i like the vinyl also, its a cute print . loove the color. :D

  4. the figure on the right- "little prince"?

  5. wow. everything looks amazing! i love all of the bright colors :)

  6. OMG! Those are so lovely!I'm waiting for the store to open *is saving her pennies to buy something nice*

  7. Thank you very much!