April 8, 2009

More Houston trip, play list + portrait

A recent portrait commission for a local client. Her kids are super cute.
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Plane Ride Play List

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Texas bluebonnets, rodeo cookie cake, souvenirs + carry-on bag

One of my hidden talents is fitting many things into a small space - and for that reason I love to pack. I know it's weird, but it's the designer in me. I also LOVE making playlists and mix tapes. Like John Cusack says in "High Fidelity", making one is an art.


Okay, I see ads for Sonic all the time - and the nearest one to us is 210 miles away!

So, when Faith told me there was one right around the corner from her, I got pretty excited.

The CherryLime-ade is tops


  1. I do the same thing with Sonic's! I hate that they play their ads here, and the closest one for me is down in Virginia Beach! I make a point to go when I visit my sister in North Carolina.

  2. I've never been to Sonic before since Canada doesn't have any.. But I did see a few commercials on satellite and that cherry drink look gooooood! Hmm...

    Must add it to my list of goals. Hahaha

  3. i need packing skills when i go to japan..hahahah. but WOW that portrait of those kids is really really really good!

  4. That is such a pretty painting. I love the soft sweet and innocent colors you used!! :D I also take photos of the sky when I'm on a plane... you get some very nice photos that way. It's not often you're up that high in the air.

  5. So I was given an art award for my blog and I have to nominate 7 people who I find creative and honestly you are the most creative person I know so I nominated you, hope you don't mind. The award is here

  6. Hannie - oh man have fun! Document everything you do on your blog!

    Brigitte + Miku - thank you both so much :)