April 10, 2009

New Drawing + Japan stuffs

Here is a preview of the latest piece for the 242 Boston show. After it's digitally colored, I'm going to print it on cottonrag paper and silkscreen in some fun graphic shapes. There are 4 color variations and the original drawing will be available at the show as well.

I'm thinking none of the pieces at the show [with the exception of the largest oil paintings] will go over $200. Gotta move some art!

Had a really nice time at Porter Exchange yesterday; I picked up lots of instant miso, Pretz and tiramisu cremes, as well as 3 J-fashion magazines. All 3, Zipper, Jille + Mini featured the SAME cardigan or pair of shoes - and I think all 3 are from different publishers.

... lunch ...

TokyoBunnie is having a giveaway tonight!

It remains one of my favorite art/vinyl toy/kawaii culture blogs.

Working at home all day on pieces for June show ... not excited about being sidelined with this awful antibiotic.


  1. oooh the food looks tasty >__<

  2. Really cool drawing. I'm diggin' the hair! Hahah~
    I wish I could buy some japanese magazines here. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough..