April 21, 2009

Painting previews

Hey friends!

Here are some paintings I've been working on for our 2-person gallery show in Boston this June.

My half of the show is divided up into a couple of series of works; Luchadores, Spacemen + 1930's era Adventurers, all depicting children in various uniform. Some progress:

We have a Mil Mascaras mask in our living room, too! Can you tell he's our favorite?

Had a really nice time hiking with my dad and younger sister a while back. The cold weather has lasted a horrendous 9 months here in MA - so lately I've been addicted to sunshine!


  1. Anonymous21.4.09

    Colorrrrrrrssss <3

  2. Very interesting, love the second drawing. And the key cover thing is cute haha XD

  3. Your painting's so pretty!

  4. Your take on the black silhouette child's head genre is fantastic! And I love all of the puuurrrrple. Yay Spring!

  5. HAHA the key cap is priceless! i love it!

    your painting is so trippy cool....thats amazing!! 2 people in one. i can't wait for the finished product! you better post it up! ^__^

  6. Anonymous24.4.09

    Very cute, love the second drawing.

  7. Anonymous24.4.09

    Lovely violet flowers <33

  8. Wha! dude you are so talented!

  9. Thank you so much for the kind words!!