May 5, 2009

New Work + Surviving Spring

At the Aquarium

16x20 acrylic + pencil on paper

commissioned for Heather's birthday by Patrick

There is something about March - April in which awful things happen to me. Terrible bouts with bad luck, money problems, and family tragedies all seem to occur between these two months for Andy and I.

But now it's May! We survived! Woohoo!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Showa flowering trees + Children's Day Flags

Had a really nice time on Saturday with Yuka and Chie making tofu in shoyu broth and shogayaki and looking at some fake cherry blossoms. They had me try natto, of which I wasn't able to finish more than a spoonful.

It helped fulfill my hanami-needs since we weren't able to meet up with Misha for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden Sakura Matsuri. [sad] Next year!

liiiittle stressed


  1. It's beautiful. What media did you do it in?

  2. natto looks...yucky. lol

    but as always your pictures are beautiful!

  3. wow, amazing art in your top header! your "at the aquarium" is also amazing, i think that one is my favorite so far. you have so much time to do all these wonderful pieces! if you're selling, LET ME KNOW i would love to have your art hanging in my room!

  4. Thanks for the nice words!

    Hannie: painting is work now, haha so it's finding time for other stuff that's the hard part :D

  5. Oh that is so lovely. I love it soooo much ^^

  6. I'm sorry spring treats you guys like poo :(.

    I adore your "At the Aquarium." I feel it has that wonderment an aquarium gives! Well, at least to me b/c I'm an ocean dweeb :P