June 1, 2009

Art All State '09 + other things

AAS asked me to design their annual event logo, which was a pleasure. AAS operates on the idea of limited time + materials but limitless possibility + creativity.

It was such a crazy weekend! From Friday to Saturday, Andy and I were mentors for Art All State 2009. It was very exciting to work with so many motivated teens - it really beats the glitter + pipe-cleaner workshops I used to teach my first year at the museum

The students were fantastic - they completely transformed the studio into a new environment, creating really cool geometric grid patterns with the ribbon.

ART ALL STATE '09 : Studio 204 // Artists : myself + Tom Grady Allowed Materials : Pushpins, Colored Ribbon + Styrofoam // Time : 36 hours

I'm in the pink froofy shirt kneeling in front of Tom

Then yesterday morning at I hoped two trains to get to NYC to see my sister's final performance at dance school. She was stellar, as usual. Went to Kinokuniya for some half-price mags (they were back issues so I cleaned up ) and chicken katsu.

Thank You to Gawker Artists + The Journalista for mentioning my illustration work!


  1. awesome! it's like something out of Tron minus computers.

  2. I went to art allstate!!! It was definitely an amazing experience! hope it was this year too!

  3. I didn't know you went, Lauren! I wish I knew about it when I was in high school

  4. That looks awesome! And you're as cute as a button!

  5. OMG I'm officially obsessed with your illustrations, they are BEAUTIFUL!!! And the logos above are adorable. I'm jealous. Fo realz.

    Thanks for the comment. :)

  6. i really like both logos, but i would hav to say that the 2nd one is my favorite! i love the moustaches on the men.

    and the ribbon art is amazing!

  7. the logos are awesomeeeeeeee, so chic and retro!!!! i so wish i was a student again and experience this :)