June 30, 2009

Bang Bang Sushi

BANG! // 8x10 graphite on bond // digital coloring

The original pencil drawing as well as an archival print are currently hanging at our Atomic Hearts show at Space 242. Please call Ami Bennett, gallery director for purchasing inquiries.

Andy and I had a great weekend zipping around Metro Boston. After teaching a comic workshop to teens at the Arlington library, we got some great bento boxes from Mr. Sushi.
There was only one other pair in the restaurant, which made it atmosphere nice and peaceful.

ready to go on my next set of paintings - yeehaw


  1. Anonymous1.7.09

    Me and Alex go there all the time! Eeeeeee. Spicy tuna there is A+!

  2. I LOVE this piece, as you know. ;) ...must have eeeeeet....mwah hah hah hah...droooool...

  3. The colors on this are great :-) And the sushi looks great too.

  4. Eeek. I did not know there was a bento place around here.. I'll have to check it out.

  5. haha I love this!!

    I also love sushi, hurray! lol

  6. Sounds fun! (Also, teaching a comic workshop?? You are living my dream, I swear. You make me want to go to art school after college...)

  7. Thanks for the kind words!

    I think I may have to upload this again - the image looks very dark on this monitor :/

  8. Anonymous2.7.09

    Mmmm I love it ;-)