June 5, 2009

Contest! Win A Print!

Hello friends

This week I'm giving away this limited edition print! If you'd like to enter, it's real simple:
  • Leave any comment! = 1 Entry
  • Name This Luchadore = 2 Entries
  • Name Him & Why He Got His Rainbow Tat = 3 Entries
Please back-link or leave an email address for me to contact you!

Archival print on watercolor stock // 11" x 14" // signed

♥ Winner announced June 10th

We hang the show in only 15 days !


  1. can we enter multiple times? :)

    His name's Roy G. Biv and he got the tat because though his mum's blind she taught him to appreciate the beauty of the world and life (she wasn't born blind but lost her sight in an accident) and encouraged him in his secret desire to be a painter though he was obligated by his father to enter into the luchador tradition (he's third-generation). he paints on the side, as a hobby, and though it doesn't pay as well as wrestling, he's glad someone's willing to pay, even a little bit!


  2. nevatalladen@gmail.com

    Neva Talladen

  3. his name is carl, but his stage name is the mutant locust. He pounces on his rivals with the speed of a locust, leaving them beaten up and dazed. At some point in his childhood he dreamed of being a superhero.

    He got the rainbow tattoo because he truly thinks that he will find the pot of gold at the end of it. He finds hope in the rainbow tattoo that he will find people who accept him and his work and won't look at him as some half brained idiot who just disfigures people for money/fun. He likes to read Gogol, he feels akin with the writer, with the pain and isolation Gogol faced.

  4. I'm commenting!
    I'd guess at his name, but there are already way better guesses. :D

  5. His name is Jan (pronounced "Yon") Magnussen, and he's from Norway (hence the name). He became a luchador in Mexico, though, for the same reason he got his rainbow tattoo: As a young child, his brother was murdered by a luchador on a trip to Mexico. During the fateful battle, Jan hid behind a tree, watching his brother and the mysterious fighter through the rain. Afterwards, a rainbow shined above as Jan swore--though he was only 7 years old at the time--that he would have revenge. He decided to become a luchador and find his brother's killer, and get a tattoo of a rainbow to remind him why.


  6. These are fantastic!

    Ramon - it's cool if you want to enter again :)

    I'll be giving away another print at the end of the month!

  7. His name is Cliff and he's in the circus and has a drinking problem. A terminally ill, emaciated clown named Brian has been secretly in love with Cliff for years. While Cliff was passed out in a near coma from one of his drinking benders, Brian the Clown branded him with this rainbow tattoo to symbolize his eternal love. Cliff just woke up and does not yet know it's there.

  8. His name is Verde, which means green in Spanish. He is a pro masked wrestler who thinks he's ugly because he's so green, hence the name. However, what he doesn't know is that he has this pretty little rainbow behind his back that he got as a birth mark and it's really pretty and colorful. However, he can't see it so he doesn't believe people that it's there...

  9. lol nice contest. i'm not creative enough to come up with a name and all that, but the ones i read were pretty funny

  10. Anonymous8.6.09

    Mmm great pictures!

  11. ¡El Leprechauno! Porque tiene una olla de oro en su axila.

  12. i remember seeing your twitter about this and i really want your art, but i researched google and couldn't find anything!!!!!

    GAHH!! i searched for a while, and then gave up :( but hopefully my entry wins hahaha. and if not, yaay to whoever wins your beautiful art!

  13. Alright! Drawing tonight at 12!

    I'll have another print up for grabs at the end of the month!