June 17, 2009


ere are some color comps of the WoMag cover.
I don't usually work completely in Adobe Illustrator - sometimes it's out of my element to arc a point on a line instead of just drawing it. I need this Wacom tablet like Vitamin D!

The planets are aligned in some bizarre way this week, two cover illustrations are running at the same time : The Boston Weekly Dig + WoMag. Thanks to Doreen Manning for asking my input on the artist community here + Brittany Durgin for the excellent photography. Thanks to Tak Toyoshima at the Dig for promoting the show.

{Maybe you recoggnize our sensetive wrestler - his 11 x 14 print was my first Blog Contest prize - Thanks to everyone who gave him such hilarious names + backstories!}

I'll be doing another print contest very soon!

Next post // MAKING BRAINS


Thank you so much to Juxtapoz.com, UpperPlayGround, ConventionScene, Quotes/Unquotes, Illoostrations, + PinStripe Kulture I honestly can't thank you enough for the plugs


  1. Congratulations on all of your success! I love seeing your name and your art everywhere! <3

  2. Making Brains...dun dun dun!

  3. these are very cool! i use illustrator frequently but i admit, as much as the outcomes are cool, it doesn't hold a candlestick to drawing. congrats on the covers! they look amazing!

  4. wow! congrats :)

  5. Anonymous19.6.09

    You should get a tattoo of the cover with the tattoo, creating a vortex that you can ride a sofa recliner in to!

  6. oh wow, thats so artsy and cool veronica! thats amazing you did covers for magazines...it seems like you're getting really big (as in famous LOL, not the other way!!!!) and im glad i know you! haha

    but you deserve it because your art is unique and amazing!

  7. Hello, Im Jerry @ Pinstripe Kulture, Thank you. PK was hacked and I'm trying to rebuild. Well I love your works and have a awesome day.
    I also have a new site www.illustrativetype.com, thats gonna be for us ill types. well bye.