June 20, 2009

Heart Assasin + Making Brains

a limited edition archival print available for purchase at the show

We dropped off 140+ pieces to the good people at Space 242 this afternoon! Wow! Our undying thanks to the staff for hanging all that artwork. We leave math business to the professionals.

a small photo montage of our resin brain-making process

  1. Bought a children's set of rubber crafting material called "Zubber". (Used to make your own knock-off "Live Strong" bracelets)
  2. Made the rubber molds around an old Simpsons' toy that came with a tiny brain. The rubber molds dry in under 1 hour.
  3. Went with Easy Cast Clear 1-to-1 resin casting kit.
  4. Cut small hearts from scrap vinyl using a small die-cut (It came in real handy, thanks Lin!) then dropped the heart in after pouring the molds and centered with toothpicks.
  5. Letting the molds dry (Using pushpins in cardboard to hold them upright)

The total cost of materials were around $25. During humid days, the drying time for the resin was awfully slow, and some batches were not usable. But when it works, the rubber-to-resin finish is under 9 hours.

I would reccomend trying out Easy Cast if you are attempting casting for the first time. I'd like to try another cast using the traditional large jug of pure resin and adding in small drops of catalyst, instead of pouring in a 1 to 1 ration of solution. Measuring perfectly can be tricky!

Aiko & Yuriko sent me the most wonderful birthday gift : Q-Pot Mook
I'll be blogging pages from this very soon {including an amazing hamburger ring}


  1. Wow, that's a lot of pieces to hang up...

    Hmm...casting sounds fun.

  2. I love your art so much! The NES piece lower down on your blog is fantastic. (I love video games.) Just thought I'd share.

    And I hope the show goes well!

    (Also, would you like to exchange links?)

  3. Anonymous22.6.09

    wow nteresting.

  4. Those brains are too cool ♥

    I'm glad to hear your opening went well!