June 14, 2009

NES Love + daily things

Some birthday presents // I picked up a fantastic book of Japanese prints (about 1820s - 1840s) at the Museum library sale. The cat flashlight is battery-less, it gets a charge by squeezing the little handle. {And it reminds me of our cat Basil.} Andy got me some fantastic photobooks of silkscreen gig posters, and thanks to Billee for making that AMAZING pineapple angel food cake!

The above image is a design I refined down from this image into something more suitable for t-shirts! I hope to add lots of cool tees and prints on my online art market, Modus Lotus Projects.

More desktop wallpapers, fashion illos and another print contest coming up soon!

Andy and I just got back from presenting at Pecha Kucha Night at lovely Bocado. It was a great night of cool images and idea-sharing.

I've wanted that cat flashlight for a very long time. Satisfied.


  1. awesome goodies!
    the cat flashlight is really cute~

  2. Oh! I love the girls thoughts!

  3. any chance you will make prints like the original? I LOVE the fact the cord makes a heart and the gamers are connected! I'm dying to buy that!

  4. Love it! I can't wait for the t-shirts. yesssssss!!!

  5. Thanks for the kind words!!

    I'm hoping I can do a really simple 2 color separation print - maybe print the black in navy or something

  6. Haha I like how the girl's thought bubble is neater than the boy's XD

    aww @ kitty flashlight :)

  7. that kitty flashlight looks really fun. i would definitely buy a shirt with the image on it, anything to do with old school NES stuff is always on the top of my list!

  8. Ooooh my roommate has one of those batteryless flashlight, except hers is plain and not a cat. Yours is awesome.