June 10, 2009

Strawberry Deer

Strawberry Craving // 9x12 acrylic + ink on panel
available for purchase at ATOMIC HEARTS show June 26th Space 242, Boston, MA

I did a massive updating of my website; badly needed! There you can also find a catalog of all the desktop wallpapers from this blog. I'll be posting new ones soon, as well as another print give-away.

I'll also be selling some prints over at Modus Lotus Projects. There are only two there right now, but it will be updated with more very soon! ML Promotion // If you tell me in your order that you read my blog, I'll give you FREE SHIPPING

Thank you so much to Brian Goslow at ArtScope magazine for coming to the studio and previewing the show! I'll post a link to the article as it's published. Thank you to Sweet Station for blogging about some of my illustrations!

Congratulations THAO! You won the Lucha print!

My birthday is Friday! We're going to the museum's art book sale then into Boston for some great Indian food and a film at the Brattle.


  1. Oh, deer! So cute so cute!!! LCD soundsystem is perfect for cleaning (I know, random, but it is)

  2. You have a beautiful art style! :)

  3. Yay! I won! What a nice little treat after long week of exams!

    Happy early birthday! Sounds like you'll be having an exciting Friday.

  4. Hey! Happy Birthday! Have a ton o' fun! Mwah! ;D
    I love this piece btw. It's funny, I've been eating giant vats of strawberries lately. Can't get enough of 'em.

  5. Oh sounds like you are getting some nice recognition up in here! ^^

    You should make ipod skins =o they'd be so cool.

    and Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Veronica. Enjoy!!!

  7. yay, i remembered your bday!!! hahaha HAPPY BDAY eat lots of cake and enjoooy your wonderful day!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope that you have a wonderful day :)

    I love this painting.. "expecto partonum!" haha it reminds me of that image of the deer that shows up when harry saves serious.. lol

  9. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!

    i hope you eat wonderful food! i love indian food. :D

    and i was totally thinking what rikuka said about the deer. xD

    as always, the pictures is amazing and colorful!

  10. kind of late but happy birthday ;D

    i love the deer so much, did you make the image a negative before illustrating it? i remember in foundation painting this guy showed a painting of a baby he did in a negative. he didn't invert the image, he just researched the colors that appear in negative and painted. then he took the painting and inverted it, and lo and behold it came out like a regular baby picture with correct flesh tones and stuff!

    i only know of two Banzai dollar stores here. there is on in flushing right on main street, and i think one in elmhurt. it's not really a dollar store though, it's a korean owned japanese dollar store (O_O) and really there is hardly anything there for a dollar. there are still some cool things there. my eye mask i bought was $2.99

  11. Thank you guys for the kind comments and birthday wishes!

    Thrila - You know, I was experimenting using limited colors on this one - but I will definitely see what it looks like inverted! What a great idea!

    Rikuka + Jennifer - Really?? I will have to check that out :)

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