July 22, 2009

Atomic Hearts Show Photos

Joey reads our interview in ArtScope

Last night was the Artist Talk for our show Atomic Hearts - we had a great time, thanks to everyone who came! Here are some shots of the empty gallery space; before and after the session.

After, we all went out for sushi at Genki-Ya where they specialize in the most unusual flavor combinations! I got the "Genki Vegetable Roll" which consisted of mushrooms, sweet potato tempura, cream cheese and banana. It was possibly the greatest thing I've ever eaten.

Andy's work

I'm very busy lately, between classes, teaching workshops and working on my new paintings series.
I'll be posting more art pieces from the show this week.


  1. The talk was great! So was sushi!

    Let's hang out more! I miss you when you're busy.

  2. That sushi looks soo delish!

    Your art show looks really nice. :D

  3. Anonymous24.7.09

    Wow, great!

  4. Banana in sushi?!? Wow, I need to try that!!!

  5. I know! You'd like it'd be weird, but with the mushroom and tempura sweet potato it's beyond perfection.

    I'd like to try and make it :D