July 5, 2009

Hanabi + Fireflowers

We had a fantastic 4th of July yesterday! Ayaka and Yuka made some teru teru bouzu, { てるてる坊主 } since the weather here in New England has been nothing but white sky and drizzle ... and magically, they worked! The sky opened up and it was a breezy, lovely 70° in Newton.

We had a great picnic (hotdogs, yakiudon, pinenuts with fruit, and GIANT marshmallows)
Alex was the only one brave enough to tackle a giant pink marshmallow - it took about 45 minutes to even get toasty, it was like roasting a softball.

If you're in the New England area, and check out the 4th on the Charles River with the Boston Pops, I'd reccomend trying Newton, MA at least once. (Andy thinks I say that because John Krasinski (JIM) and BJ Novak (RYAN) from "The Office" are from Newton and go back from time to time, but seriously - it's worth it)

sometimes being an illustrator gets lonely, working in your studio all the time - days like this are really special

Fireflower // acrylic + ink on wood // 6"x6" // $50
available on request
a bit of an homage to Mario Brothers.


  1. Happy Belated 4th. i'm glad you guys had good weather. We had slight drizzles and what not but nice gorgeous weather. But we're in the US. So, it's expected sometimes. hehe. The weatherman lied to us (=

  2. I'm glad the weather turned out nice for you. You should have taken a picture of the giant marshmallow once it was done! I'm having a hard time picturing what it must of looked like, haha.

  3. Yes giant marshmallows! I will definitely post some more 4th photos next time. I need to find one of Alex trying with both hands to squish it to a manageable size...

  4. Haha the thought of roasting a softball made me laugh :D

  5. I want giant marshmallows and various deliciousness!!! Bah I didn't do ANYTHING for the 4th of July. Jealous!

  6. Anonymous7.7.09

    It's lovely!