July 9, 2009

Lucha Cameo + Press

Niño + Niña || $250 ea || 20"x20" in frame
contact Ami Bennett at
SPACE 242 for purchasing inquiries

PROCESS || After drawing the image in blue pencil, I put down a layer of very bright acrylic blue. Then a layer of gloss, then after it dries a layer of oil. It really allows me to let the acrylic paint glow through the oil, which tends to be darker and less saturated. Then when it dries, a layer of fixative, then some colored pencil.

I posted a little bit about it back in April


Before our show opened, Andy and I were interviewed by ArtScope in May. It came out this week - which is perfect because the gallery's next available visiting hours are this Friday. We're excited about our Artist Talk this July 21st (a Tuesday) from 7 - 8pm! Hope to see you there!

Andy, Lindsay, Allison + myself will be briefly talking about the show and our process..es... processss.. okay the plural of process. { My writer friends are ashamed of me, I'm sure ... }

I think I'd like to work with this vector version more and create some t-shirts!

working on a couple personal paintings - feel like drawing pastries lately


  1. The paintings look great! :D Thanks for sharing some of the process-(esesssss) that you go through with these paintings that make the colours really pop!


  2. Congratulations on the article! It looks wonderful! <3

  3. lucha paintings...your specialty!! :D :D

    love them as always! <3

    does andy have a blog? i want to see his work!

  4. It would be so cool if they were actual cameos, I would seriously wear one, but a shirt or anything else will be just as cool!

  5. Anonymous10.7.09


  6. The concept is fantastic. These pieces are so lovely and so unsettling at the same time -- to see the silhouette portrait all bound up like that - you figure she must be suffocating, but then you're distracted by how intricately beautiful the masks are.

    I am in awe of your talent, as always!

  7. Thank you so much for the kind words!

  8. I ADORE that vectored head. It's so awesome! Such great use of color and lines. That would be such a great print. I'd buy it for my future house

  9. These are beautiful!

    Can wait to see how the t-shirt will look like!