July 27, 2009

Sketchbook pages

Some recent sketching in the Worcester Art Museum.

♥ I love drawing in the museum. Summer session at WAM is in full swing, + I like taking time after lunch to sketch some of the collection. I enjoy teaching part time while doing freelance work. It's great to have conversations with teens that are serious about pursuing art school.

I don't have much spare time this summer, but I'm still struggling to get a decent set of Holga photos to print well. I think the people in the dark room laugh at me because Holgas are such basic cameras, and I can barely load it

the Holga I have {Xmas gift from Andy}

If you didn't get a chance to see our show "Atomic Hearts" in Boston this summer, you can see a selection of my pieces @

the Secret Society in Worcester opening this Monday, August 3rd - September 4th.

Or at the Fourth Wall Project in Boston next Friday, August 7th

Recently watched both Nana movies with my sister Now it's time to get into some "Honey & Clover"


  1. I love the blue and magenta ink!! They look really great!!

  2. I like the one on the lower left best (with the other face in her hair!). That's a really difficult perspective to get right...

    (oh and OF COURSE I love your Art for Five thing! haha the pressure is on now. I'm going to have to become a professional artist before I send you yours. :P)

  3. cool sketches!!

    I wish I could draw with pens at the AGO but they only let you use pencils :'(

  4. I lovee all the sketches, your sketch book is very interesting :)

  5. Great stuff - I love how the 'classic' images look rendered in neon! I may have to give that a go at my local museum, but it's been taken over by BANKSY at the moment, so can't get in for the queues...

    Looking forward to seeing more! :)

  6. your sketches are works of art.......!!!11

  7. i love looking at artists' sketchbooks, seeing their thought process and raw works of art! your sketches are amazing~

  8. your pictures are so amazing! i wish i can focus and sit down and draw like you~ <3

    i always wanted to try one of those cameras, i don't know anywhere to process the film and I don't know anywhere with a dark room and stuff. D: i think i'm okay with my dslr. haha

  9. I wish I had a DSLR! I'd love to learn how to be real photographer.

  10. Long time no comment!

    Your sketches are soo pretty! I feel like I say that everytime I visit this place. So let me reword it: Your sketches are THE BOMB! haha

    btw, I saw the pics from your show in Flickr and it looks like you got a good turnout! I wish I could see the art in person..