August 27, 2009

Belle Journée Cape Cod

sketches from the trip

apparently, I have a habit of sketching my feet on trips

Align CenterIncognito // So about 20 minutes into our much anticipated trip and I leave my bag at a Dunkin' Donuts. My cell phone, camera, and wallet were inside... and you know what? I left it there! It was fantastic to be invisible

Morning ocean mist // ... actually brought me to tears. We got to Cahoon Hollow in Wellfleet, MA early enough to watch the Atlantic mist bellow and waft over the high sand dunes as families began pitching colorful umbrellas. One of my favorite places on Earth.

Thai food houses // Cape Cod has a myriad of tiny, unassuming houses that are actually phenomenal Thai restaurants. We recommend Krua Thai in Buzzard's Bay + get the curry puffs

New England shore life // We took relaxing, scenic drives through Dennis, Falmouth and Yarmouth Port, taking in the weather-beaten siding and white-washed, colonial windows. Oh - and Cape Cod has enough violent shark imagery to make any attack survivor have horrible nightmares.

Learning Things // I. Love. Educational TV. Before going to sleep at the hotel, Andy and I watched episodes of Planet Earth and Out of Egypt with Kara Cooney. (exotic locales + ancient death rituals = terrifically fascinating)

Chlorine + free bagels // The hotel was great - we got a sweet deal at $50 per night for 4 nights from (thank you, William Shatner) If I don't swim at least every day, it doesn't feel like summer.

Sweet Tomatoes // Pizza Sarah : bacon, caramelized onions, goat cheese + fresh basil tomatoes on Neopolitain dough. Highly recommended.

Inglourious Basterds // Friend's of ours know how Andy and I are huge film buffs, and whether you enjoy Tarantino's homage-style or not, you can't deny how much fun his movies are. We liked it essentially, though some of the story telling is unfocused.

Some people said it wasn't historically accurate - of course it is!
The baseball-bat-wielding homicidal maniac is a Red Sox fan
(har har)

Our trip happened to coincide with two things // President Obama's vacation to Martha's Vineyard (across the water) and Sen. Ted Kennedy's death (across the street). We were able to avoid being questioned by any news stations; either as a silly commercial to recommend places for Sasha Obama to get some soft serve, or what we thought of Teddy's passing.

Weathermen // Don't believe them. Consistently contraty to their predictions the entire week, the weather was gorgeous.

two ¢50 birdie clips from Red Fish Blue Fish, Hyannis MA
kitch tray gift from the lovely Alison from her trip to Paris


  1. Hello! Amazing illustration of the clothes hanging, and what cute little piggy toes!! I'm glad you had a great trip - it sounds like you had a blast. The tray goes good with those birdies. Cool owl cup too! I love your photos. :)

  2. As always...beautiful...

  3. Great sketches! I always wonder, what pens are you using to color?

  4. Thank you!

    I almost always use Le Pens and the black brush pen is a Copic refillable pen. Although the Prismacolor brush pens are just as good and are cheaper

  5. wow!
    i'd be ridiculously scared to loose my wallet, lol..i don't feel at peace without my stuff!

  6. Anonymous29.8.09

    So lovely!!

  7. Amazing Post
    Thanks for Share

  8. Hotel cost score!!! I want to visit that area but it always came up $$$. Need to check out priceline for this!

  9. I should start keeping a sketchbook journal. :) Or a journal at all, for that matter...

    Also that pizza sounds AMAZING!!!! Caramelized onions+goat cheese=bliss. If you are ever in NYC, go to Balthazar and get the caramelized onion/goat cheese tart appetizer. It will kill you from deliciousness.