August 15, 2009

Fabulously underdressed

my art space

before the opening

photo shoots make me self conscious

Gwen looking lovely as usual

Last weekend was the Paint Pens + Purses "Pet Monsters" show in Boston. I was happy to be asked, especially for such a guerilla-style event with so many interesting people. The Fourth Wall Project is an old gas station bought by the Bodega - an underground Bape-like retailer in Boston famous for their anti-marketing campaigns and custom sneakers.

I was fabulously under dressed for the party, which turned out to be strobe lights, LCD Soundsystem and lots of beautiful people. I'm also not used to photo shoots (see above) so I'll spare you the group photos - which I'm certain I screwed up.

- Lately life has been terrifically hectic - in a good way. After teaching classes all day, Andy and I go back to the studio to work for 8 hours, then go out to a diner for coffee, work, and go to bed, usually repeating the process into the weekend. -

There was one point when we left the party to set up at a Starbucks' and WORK! Yes, WORK on more client illustrations!


WEIRD FACT // I've NEVER had Starbuck's coffee - I've only had one drink there in my entire life: an iced chai with soy milk.


  1. Beautiful set-up! I can't wait till more of your prints get onto Robopicto - I need to start stockpiling art for my move out of home! :D

  2. Veronica! I just got a job so I'm working on saving up some mooola to buy one of your beautiful works of art :)
    & man, all of the teaching you do sounds so rewarding. Good for you~
    but really? you've only had that one drink from starbucks? whaat!? you should try the green tea frappachino. it is the shiizzz. lol i really don't know how to better describe, but yeah.. it's delicious.

  3. Rikuka!! I've wanted to comment on your last like 17 blog posts but I guess your tumblr doesn't have that function! Just wanted you to know I've been keeping up with it :)

    I'll give the green tea a shot :D

  4. Thanks for your comment about my sketchblog! :) You're a great inspiration for me. <3

    I've only had ONE drink in Starbucks too!! I think it was around last Christmas so the drink was this minty, frappaccino with red & green sprinkles on top. I usually avoid caffeinated drinks though because it's bad for the teeth... ^^;