August 1, 2009


Fashion Illo Friday


You should definitely check out the super cool ROBOPICTO art market! The site features lots of great paintings, prints, toys and other fun stuff - and daily specials! Not to mention the free shipping in the continental US


I'll be putting up more of my art for purchase through the site,
but I'll be posting some prints for sale here this week.

feeling good - working with a few new clients and excited to start on some new paintings - not enough hours in the day!


I've been teaching a teen painting class for the past two weeks that wrapped up today. We had lots of fun experimenting with controlled vs. spontaneous drip techniques and splatter. We did it Jackson Pollock-style from the balcony of the sculpture studio


  1. getting to teach people, open a class or experiment stuff must of been so much fun! I want to be able to teach people too, but still I haven't got much experience to do so yet, so I'd prefer to study first haha :))

  2. You have cute emoticons in your blog. Did you create them by yourself?

  3. I love your picture of the girl. So pretty. That's so cool that you're teaching people. I WANNA LEARN!! XD

  4. that looks like such a cool activity to do! haha.. paint + heigh = fun time!

  5. Thanks!

    We had lots of fun - I don't think they'd have another opportunity to drop paint from a story up in a normal circumstance.

    Unless they paint from their roof?

  6. Wheee hee! Looks like fun! I wish we had uber fun things to do and see in Brisbane (Oh, don't I moan on about being a low life ;p) Also, your paintings are THE BOMB - I must see about sending some to OZ - only free continental postage does suck for us international dwellers ;p

  7. Anonymous5.8.09

    Picture looks very great!

  8. Anonymous6.8.09

    gorgeous drawing
    ur so lucky that you're not non-talented

  9. Anonymous6.8.09

    what a great idea to splatter paint from the balcony!

  10. oops, that anonymous is MEE!!!!

  11. Gorgeous as per usual. :) Teaching looks fun... Also I don't like Jackson Pollock, but Pollock-y art is fun. A friend of mine and I once painted a room in his house that way. (Then we painted over it though!)