August 9, 2009

Prints for sale

I recently had many prints made of these pieces. The new printing place I started using has excellent ink quality - hopefully the photos do it justice. The paper stock is thick with some nice tooth to it.

These prints will be offered over at but I wanted to throw this out to my blog friends before hand!

special promotion : FREE SHIPPING parcel post
click for larger image


Sweet Boots


paper stock sample

Working on lots of new projects at night, after teaching all morning - I love being busy, but I also can't wait for our Cape Cod vacation at the end of the month!


  1. free shiping as in to canada too!?!?
    bc i like the black daise and dr. good
    get back to me please!
    getting paid next week!

  2. Anonymous11.8.09

    Very nice pictures!

  3. Im getting me yellow riding hood!! Love it!!

  4. Woah - I want to get me black daisy! Damn, gotta figure out the shipping to Australia D:

    Hehehe - oh, do you have a banner I could prop onto my site? (180X45px) I would love to link you!

  5. Awesome!

    Thanks for the link love! I can make you a banner and put it up on my blog's sidebar tonight :D

  6. Oooooh! :D So pretty. Want.

  7. i showed my friend your blog and she's considering buying a couple for her new apartment!! i'll let you know soon!

    your Idle art is my favorite atm!